Shepard McCallum

About Assemblage Collage I Collage II Covers Boxes Sculpture Cans

Sao Paolo Blues, 2005, collage



Time And Relative Dimension In Space, Or: Owsley's Finest, 2014, collage



Cartel, 2013, collage



The Bookkeeper's Apprentice, 2014, collage



The Tooth Of Crime, 2014, collage



Claudia, 2005, collage



Dumplings, 2014, collage



October People, 2013, collage



Crow Dog, 2004, collage



Arcade, 2013, colage



Rodeo, 2013, collage



Thirteen, 2012, collage



At Aqaba the Guns Face the Sea, 2010, collage



Mimblous Mimbletonia, 2011, collage



Altamont Family Baptism Picnic and Revival, 2005, collage



Union Jack, 2006, collage



Bully!, 2005, collage



Kabul, 2002, collage


Sagan's Dream, 2004, collage



Spaceship Heart of Gold, 2004, collage



Kundun, 2000, collage




The Only Living Boy In New York, 2006, collage



Otter Pop, 2011, collage



Witchy-Poo, 2012, collage



True Grit, 2012, mixed media




Scale, 2005, collage



Fire Sign, 2007, collage



Lady Byrd Johnson and the Land of Tomorrow, 2007, collage

Rght This Way, Mr. Namath, 2011, collage



South Island, 2011, collage



Calypso, 2011, collage



Swing Shift At The Christmas Store, 2007, collage



Shirts Vs Skins, 2011, collage



Army of One, 2004, collage



Maruku San, 2007, collage



After The Flood, 2012, collage



Love Child, 2012, collage



Takota's Dream, 2012, collage



About Assemblage Collage I Collage II Covers Boxes Sculpture Cans